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How CBS is getting bigger advertisers to sponsor its podcasts

While Serial may have pushed podcasting into the mainstream, the advertising revenue is yet to follow, Sahil Patel writes. CBS Local Digital Media launched a podcast network last year called Play.It and has gotten brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and DraftKings to advertise on its podcasts. However, a lot the podcasts’ advertising comes from CBS’ multi-platform […]

Needing more time for reporting, Serial is going bi-weekly

In its second season, Serial needs more time for reporting the story of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and will move to a bi-weekly releases. The second season’s fifth episode, which was scheduled to be released on Thursday, will instead be released on Jan. 21, and the biweekly schedule will continue for the rest of the season. […]

To attract new listeners, podcasts need to put out more than just audio

Season two of Serial offers an interesting model for other podcasts to grow their audiences, Charley Locke writes. In addition to the weekly podcast, Serial is also putting out shareable GIFs, photos and clips and videos of Bowe Bergdahl, distributed on various social media channels and Serial’s website. Those extras Serial puts out on top […]

How Serial will increase Facebook promotion in its second season

In its second season, which launched on Thursday, the Serial podcast is planning to have a larger presence on Facebook. Facebook is allowing Serial to experiment with streaming audio through a feature called Facebook Music Stories, which streams clips of songs from iTunes and Spotify. Serial is the feature using for seven-minute previews of episodes […]

Secrets to podcasting success: Use a relatable voice and include extras beyond audio

Kelly Riordan from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation offers seven tips for podcasting success. In addition to speaking in a conversational tone, Riordan says podcasters should employ humor to entertain listeners while delivering information that is credible and trustworthy. To find a bigger audience for your podcast, make it easier to share: Riordan suggests writing shareable […]

A guide for media organizations on the resources available for starting a podcast

Chava Gourarie writes that getting into podcasts can seem daunting to news organizations, because the goal is to attract new people to listen to podcasts rather than win over existing podcast users. Gourarie outlines resources to help media organizations launch a podcast, including the upsides and downsides of joining a podcast network and opportunities to […]

How increased smartphone use in India is leading to increased podcast listening

Already the world’s second largest smartphone market, India’s smartphone use is expected to grow even more in the next few years. The increasing use of smartphones is leading to more podcast experiments, such as Indian current affairs podcast Indicast, and more Indian podcast listeners. Indicast was launched in 2005, but the majority of its listeners […]

How 5 news organizations are approaching podcasts

Podcasts are undeniably popular right now, and many news organizations are exploring what kinds of storytelling work in podcast form. At Quartz, host of Actuality podcast Tim Fernholz says they try to make the podcast “a deeper dive into a topic than people might normally get,” which means the podcast is “more than just reporters […]

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