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A glitch caused Apple to underestimate the number of News users since its launch, providing publishers with inaccurate data

You might have heard: Publishers have said they’re underwhelmed with Apple’s highly anticipated News app due to low traffic, poor data from Apple and an underwhelming user experience But did you know: Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue says due to a glitch, Apple has been underestimating the number of […]

Apple adds a curated list of ‘top stories’ and comScore integration to its News app

You might have heard: Despite how highly anticipated Apple’s News app was, publishers are somewhat disappointed with the platform due to the traffic they’re receiving from the app, the data they’re receiving from Apple, and the user experience it offers But did you know: In an update to its News app released Tuesday, Apple added […]

How publishers’ reader data can help their advertisers localize their ads

Publishers are sitting on a trove of data that advertisers are interested in, Darrell Kunken writes. Advertisers are interested in identifying where their best customers are, as well as geographical opportunities that they may not be seeing. The data that publishers have is an opportunity, Kunken says: “Just think about the types of businesses that […]

Publishers are underwhelmed with Apple News, from traffic to user experience to data they’re getting from Apple

Despite how highly anticipated Apple’s News app was, publishers are somewhat disappointed with the new platform two months in. Lucia Moses writes that publishing executives are unhappy with the traffic they’re receiving from the app, the user experience it offers, as well as the data they’re receiving from Apple. Though they’re disappointed, an unnamed publishing […]

Readers often pay for news they read for free by unknowingly compromising their privacy

New research from The Conversation shows may readers think they’re reading the news for free, but they’re often unknowingly paying with their privacy. The Conversation found that news-related websites can expose readers to twice as many trackers as the rest of the Internet: Users are exposed to an average of eight external servers on each […]

How hyper-targeted advertisements could create better ads for users and dissuade ad-blocking

Ad-blocking will prevent $21.8 billion worth of ads from reaching users worldwide this year, but some say ultra-personal, targeted ads could be a solution. Ad placement company Quantcast has introduced a system called Audience Grid, which can gather more information about users from more sources. Quantcast’s head of product for online audience measurement says these […]

Why Viacom says what you know about audience engagement is wrong: Consumers believe their ability to pay attention is either improving or remaining constant

The conventional thought in marketing today is that consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter thanks to social media and smartphones, but a new survey from Viacom says that may not be true. The survey by Scratch, Viacom’s creative consultancy division, found 75 percent of consumers believe their ability to pay attention is either […]

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