Aggregation and curation

How old media is flipping the mechanics of social with Antenna and This.

You might have heard: FT is experimenting with aggregation service Antenna ( and Atlantic Media is incubating This., a social network for sharing links, one at a time (Nieman Lab) But did you know: The FT’s Antenna and Atlantic Media’s This, two approaches aimed at curating the barrage of social media into something more digestible […]

Why Atlantic Media is funding a social platform for sharing links, one at a time

You might have heard: Atlantic Media’s Andrew Golis previewed the project he’s been working on, This. (Medium) But did you know: Caroline O’Donovan talks to Andrew Golis about the idea behind the startup, which is incubated inside Atlantic Media, and why it’s a good fit for the company. The startup aims to be “the social […]

Third-party apps are winning the traffic battle

Nikki Usher argues that news outlets need to make tools pushing personalized content to keep readers on their sites or else third-party mobile aggregators will. “Personalized recommendation systems are becoming a required entry point for distributing news to people getting more and more content through social curation,” writes Usher. “For news organizations to compete against […]

The Pyramid of Journalism Competence: What journalists need to know

Roy Peter Clark examines the updated Pyramid of Competence, which was first created in the late 1990s, energized by a call to action from our executive director Tom Rosenstiel, who was one of the leaders of the Committee of Concerned Journalists at the time. Aggregation, curation, numeracy, data visualization have been added to core competencies […]

In 1753, the creator of the e-newsletter’s predecessor didn’t want his service to scale

Alan Jacobs writes that newsletter creators like The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal  are following the “stock and flow” approach of an 18th century personal note-writer.  A German friend of Rousseau and others summarized works of philosophy or literature or social criticism and then described how those works were being received. His audience was never to be […]

Has “curate” replaced “aggregate” as the default term for summarizing other people’s news?

“Curation’s a lofty term for summarizing other journalists’ reporting — even for high-level summarizing from multiple sources … So let’s call it what it is, even if the term comes with some baggage: aggregation,” writes Sam Kirkland. “Aggregation isn’t always bad, but automatically framing unoriginal reporting as curation helps these news middlemen avoid debate about […]

How a free email newsletter turned a computer programmer into a Newsweek columnist

Caroline O’Donovan profiles Rusty Foster and his Today in Tabs email newsletter, which is republished daily online by Newsweek. “The rise of the email newsletter as an experimental publishing platform is an interesting story, but what makes Today in Tabs unique is the speed with which it clambered out of the inbox and into a […]

Can Dow Jones claim “hot news” legal protection against aggregators?

Dow Jones is filing a content “misappropriation” lawsuit against Ransquawk, a London-based financial news service. “They’re systematically copying, pasting, and selling our journalists’ work,” writes Jason Conti, Dow Jones senior vice president and deputy general counsel & chief compliance officer.

Do web publishers have a looming DVR problem with save-it-later services such as Pocket and Instapaper?

John McDermott takes a look at how some publishers are handling the fact that their stories are being read, but perhaps at the expense of advertising dollars. “It’s not dissimilar to what the advent of the DVR did for TV, and it also brings up similar problems when it comes to the advertising model that […]

Upworthy posts don’t go viral because people click — they go viral because people share

Resisting claims that its headlines are “clickbait,” the editors at Upworthy write that clicks don’t equate to viral content. “By far the most important factor in getting people to share a post is the actual quality of the content in the eyes of the community,” they write. To gauge quality, they ask three things: “Is […]