Aggregation and curation

How to use Curator, Twitter’s new media aggregation tool

Twitter’s new tool Curator is now open to media organizations that request access. Curator helps you search and filter through Twitter content that can be used online, in print or on TV. Publishers can create complex hashtag and keyword queries that can be narrowed down by follower count, location and more factors to create “collections” […]

AP’s financial reporting algorithms now publish 3,000 automated stories every quarter

The AP’s story on Apple’s earnings this week, “Apple tops Street 1Q forecasts,” is one of many financial AP stories written through algorithms and a partnership with Automated Insights. When the program first began in July, each story had a human touch, checking for errors. In October, stories “went out to the wire without human […]

Aggregator apps: Friend or foe to publishers?

“More and more, publishers are understanding the need to have a presence wherever their readers or potential readers are consuming content,” writes Padraic Woods. Aggregator apps save users time, expose them to new content and more. Some publishers remain skeptical out of “fear of losing front-page readers and potentially losing advertising revenue from current lucrative […]

The fall and rise of the news bundle and why bundles will become the main way people experience the news

“The newspaper bundle was more than a business model or a product of the technology and delivery systems of the time. It brought order to countless things happening daily, with people relying on professionals to select a handful of events and include them in the stable and fixed format of the printed page,” writes Alfred […]

How magazines like Scientific American, The Atlantic, and Vogue are monetizing their archives

Time launched its digital archive, “The Vault,” last week but it’s not the only magazine to look to its past for new content, more inventory and increased value for subscribers. Through bundles, tiered subscription models or one-off purchases, titles are able to generate revenue by repackaging their older content. Michael Rondon shares how those three […]

Why the new social network “This” is a Facebook alternative that actually makes sense

David Holmes makes the case for This, the Atlantic Media funded startup that allows users to only share one link a day. “This doesn’t have to attract millions of users to be a success. It’s not a social network that functions simply for the sake of being a social network,“ writes Holmes. “The content its […]

Paris-based music streamer Deezer buys Stitcher, adds 35K talk radio shows and podcasts to its music platform

San Francisco-based Stitcher has amassed programming from content providers including NPR, BBC, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, This American Life, Marc Maron, CBS Radio News, and some smaller operations. While Stitcher users can still access their apps and accounts, “the bigger plan is to integrate Stitcher’s audio content into Deezer’s existing platform with 35 million […]

How LinkedIn’s editor Dan Roth became one of the most powerful editors in business publishing

“LinkedIn has also grown into a formidable media company,” writes John McDermott. He explains the multiple aspects of LinkedIn’s media operation, which include “content producers” writing nearly 50,000 posts per week at zero cost, a personalization engine, in-house engineers, an audience that’s larger, wealthier and more engaged than that of the average website, and the luxury […]

Practice ethical curation and attribution

One of the oldest and most hallowed forms of transparency in journalism is attribution. You link what was said to the person who said it. You cite your sources. You provide a roadmap that leads back to all the people you spoke to, the documents you read, the other articles and research that helped form […]

How the Harvard Business Review turned its old content into new revenue

“Harvard Business Review tackles this by starting with audience need. What does the customer value and what is their willingness to pay for what they value? The value question can take you in a number of directions … [and] if you have a strong value proposition, you have a strong position for monetization,” says Sarah […]