Aggregation and curation

Upworthy is using data to identify elements that engage readers as it moves past ‘clickbait’ and curation

You might have heard: Upworthy is shifting its focus from aggregation to original content But did you know: Led by editorial director Amy O’Leary, Upworthy is moving away from curation in favor of original content, using data to inform its storytelling strategy. In the data it’s collected, Upworthy found that humor and a suspenseful story […]

Germany’s Heftig, which modeled itself after Upworthy, looks toward original content

Just as Upworthy pivots to original content, its German lookalike is looking to do the same. Similarly to Upworthy, Heftig attributes most of its success to Facebook traffic. But as Upworthy’s traffic has fallen, so has Heftig’s, leading the German site to launch verticals around topics such as animals and to put a larger […]

With Project Lightning, Twitter will be ‘killing Twitter to save Twitter’

You might have heard: Twitter’s new tool Project Lightning will bring curation to the platform, with an editorial team curating content around events, breaking news and “anything that’s interesting” (BuzzFeed) But did you know: Twitter’s upcoming Project Lightning will define the big stories of the day, with an editorial team packaging tweets, images and videos […]

Why Upworthy is shifting its focus from aggregation to original content

When Upworthy launched three years ago, it quickly became one of the Internet’s fastest growing aggregators, but it’s now shifting its focus to creating original content. As Upworthy retires the job title “curator,” it is hiring writers, under the leadership of former New York Times deputy international editor and Innovation Report co-author Amy O’Leary as […]

Instead of chasing the stories as competition, find comprehensiveness with curation

At this weekend’s Local Independent Online News Publishers conference, Billy Penn’s Jim Brady said online news organizations shouldn’t try to be a comprehensive source and shouldn’t chase the stories everyone is chasing. But Brady says curation can achieve that comprehensiveness, by linking out to other sources and to social media, rather than producing it within […]

How newspapers of the 1800s foreshadowed today’s digital news

Newspapers from the 1800s may have been ahead of their time, publishing listicles and aggregated content. It was common practice for newspapers in the 19th century to reprint content such as poems and lists of facts from other newspapers, aggregating more content than they were actually producing. Lists or tables of information were also popular […]

Colombian newspapers fail to stop news aggregating website from using their content

A Colombian government agency that controls unfair competition and consumers’ rights denied a request from a group of 11 Colombian newspapers to stop a news aggregator website from using their content. Newspapers including El Colombiano, El Tiempo and El País requested precautionary measures against, a website that launched in December 2013 and describes itself […]

How to create a great local newsletter for your community

Sol’s Civic Minute is a weekly newsletter covering everything important happening in the city of Seattle, written by a local real estate agent named Sol Villarreal with a passion for local news. Sol says readers can scan the entire newsletter in under a minute to catch up on what happened in Seattle in the last […]

BBC introduces ‘Local Live,’ a local content-sharing feed

Content from regional papers across England will soon appear in BBC’s “Local Live” web feed, which updates readers on breaking news throughout the day. Newspapers can choose which stories they would like to be linked in the feed, and BBC says a quarter of the content currently in the feed comes from external sites in […]

Ezra Klein explains how and why Vox aggregates

You might have heard: Nate Silver criticized Vox for using FiveThirtyEight’s charts: “Yo, @voxdotcom: Y’all should probably stop stealing people’s charts without proper attribution. You do this all the time, to 538 & others.” and “Only about 20% of the maps @VoxMaps tweets were actually made by Vox. Always a link to a Vox story, […]