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Why The Washington Post’s redesigned website includes a print-style hierarchy

The inspiration from The Washington Post’s recently launched homepage redesign comes from a familiar place, Mario Garcia writes: Print. On the new homepage, only a few stories are placed at the top of the page, which Garcia says conveys the top stories readers should know about at the moment in the way a newspaper front […]

Apple’s News app will have more than 50 publishers when it launches

You might have heard: Apple is developing a new app called News that will bring content from publishers together in one pre-installed app But did you know: When Apple announced its upcoming News app in June, 18 publishers were on board. Now, Re/code reports that Apple has more than 50 publishers for the app. Publishers’ readiness […]

Samsung is partnering with Axel Springer to develop a news platform exclusive to Galaxy devices

You might have heard: Apple is developing News, an exclusive news service for users of its iOS devices But did you know: Samsung is partnering with European newspaper publisher Axel Springer to develop “UPDAY,” a news platform that will be exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy devices. UPDAY is described as “aggregated news content platform,” with stories […]

HuffPost UK editor: Rivalries between publishers are an old fashioned way of working

Huffington Post U.K. editor Stephen Hull says rivalries between publishers are a thing of the past. Instead, Hull says he sees competitors as partners. At HuffPost U.K., that means doing things like featuring videos from BuzzFeed on the AOL offering. Hull says: “I think a lot of people think like that now — they don’t […]

How NFL highlights and content could be used in Twitter’s Project Lightning

NFL extended a deal first signed with Twitter in 2013 that brings football highlights to the social network, but NFL content will likely now be used as part of Twitter’s upcoming Project Lightning. Project Lightning will curate content around breaking news and live events, such as an NFL game. NFL content that can be used […]

A new app called Blockfeed aggregates local news sources based on a reader’s location

Blockfeed, a New York City-based startup, is aggregating local news, geolocating them to a hyperlocal location and then serving them to readers based on where they are when they open the app. Blockfeed, which is currently live in New York City, directs users to the original news source if a user taps to read the […]

How journalists are dealing with changes in the industry and their jobs

Journalists’ views on new trends: sponsored content and aggregation Technology and business disruption have brought about new issues that relate to ethics and economics. The survey probed two of these in particular: the advent of sponsored content or native advertising and the issue of compensation for aggregation and curation. First, the quest for new, more […]

How Spain’s ‘Google News tax’ hurt smaller publishers’ traffic and ad revenue

European governments have pushed for an “ancillary copyright,” which requires aggregators such as Google News to pay publishers to link to their articles. In response to Spain’s mandatory payments, Google News and other smaller, local aggregators totally shut down in the country, leading to decreased traffic and ad revenue. While all publishers have been affected, […]

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