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Ad-blocking is an unexpectedly big issue in China, new report shows

Not many people are paying attention to ad-blocking in China, Angela Doland writes, leading many to assume that ad-blocking isn’t an issue yet. But a new report from Omnicom’s PHD suggests that perception may be incorrect. The report found that 10 to 12 percent of ads delivered to personal computers in China are being blocked, […]

As TV ad sales fall, digital ad spending is expected to surpass TV soon

For the first time aside from a recession year, TV ad sales are expected to fall this year, according to Interpublic Group’s Magna Global. At the same time, digital ad spending will continue to rise, and Magna Global expects digital ad sales to overtake TV ad spending worldwide by the end of 2017. ZenithOptimedia’s head […]

How publishers’ reader data can help their advertisers localize their ads

Publishers are sitting on a trove of data that advertisers are interested in, Darrell Kunken writes. Advertisers are interested in identifying where their best customers are, as well as geographical opportunities that they may not be seeing. The data that publishers have is an opportunity, Kunken says: “Just think about the types of businesses that […]

For an ad in Twitter Moments, advertisers must pay $1 million

Twitter is betting big on its curated feature Moments, Digiday’s Garett Sloane writes. But for advertisers who want to get in on Moments, the price tag is $1 million, Sloane reports. Currently, Twitter’s only marketing option for Moments is “Promoted Moments,” which some advertisers are hesitant about because of the high price. In comparison, a […]

Axel Springer subsidiary is taking iOS ad-blocker Blockr to court

Axel Springer subsidiary WELTN24 is suing iOS content blocker Blockr in an attempt to stop the development and distribution of its software. Blockr is one of several new ad blockers that has sprung up since iOS 9 allowed the use of them. Blockr’s lawyers say Axel Springer wants to prevent the developers from being able […]

In the competition for political ads, digital is quickly gaining on broadcast

In the 2016 elections, digital advertising is in a position to challenge the long-held dominance of broadcast advertising, according to a report by August Borrell Associates. However, quality of ads could limit the growth of digital ads as banner ads are unlikely to be effective and ad-blocking could be an issue. Borrell executive vice president […]

Gawker Media head of programmatic: Instead of fighting ad-blockers, figure out why people are using them in the first place

Speaking at the Digiday Programmatic Summit, Gawker Media’s head of programmatic Eyal Ebel said he couldn’t foresee a time when Gawker tells its readers, “You can’t read our content anymore because you have ad-blocker.” Instead of trying to fight ad-blockers, Ebel says publishers should instead focus on why people are using them in the first […]

The Guardian thinks customized ads could be a way to curb ad-blocking

The Guardian is looking to a new approach to deal with ad-blockers: Global revenue director Tim Gentry says an approach that “puts the user in control” and offers customized ads could be a way to prevent readers from using ad-blockers. To provide customized ads, Jessica Davies writes that data is essential, and The Guardian would […]

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