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To end the ‘mobile ad-blocking apocalypse,’ Schibsted is surveying users to find out what makes an effective mobile ad

Scandinavian publishing group Schibsted believes that by creating better mobile ads, the industry can bring mobile ad-blocking to an end. To figure out what makes a mobile ad effective, Schibsted surveyed more than 37,000 users to one of its largest news outlets about how they responded to various types of advertising campaigns. The survey found […]

Forbes says 42% of users with ad-blockers disabled them after being asked to

In December, Forbes began testing a new way to get ad-blocking users to turn the blocker off: Users with ad-blockers enabled were shown a message asking them to turn the blocker off in exchange for an “ad-light experience” for the next 30 days. Forbes’ chief product officer Lewis DVorkin says from Dec. 17 to Jan. […]

Mathew Ingram: Instead of blocking readers who use ad blockers, work on fixing your advertising experience

As some publishers such as Forbes have adopted strategies that prevent users with ad-blockers enabled from accessing their websites, Mathew Ingram questions whether this is the best strategy. Instead of blocking these users, Ingram says publishers should deal with the underlying problem and work on fixing their “terrible advertising experiences.” Ingram writes: “What’s surprising isn’t […]

Forbes is starting to block users with ad blockers enabled from accessing its website

You might have heard: Some publishers such as The Washington Post and Axel Springer are using varying tactics to prevent users with ad-blockers enabled from accessing their websites But did you know: Joining a host of other publishers trying to combat ad blockers, Forbes is now blocking access to its website for users with ad-blockers […]

Why Dennis Publishing wants to communicate with users with ad-blockers rather than stop them from accessing its sites

Dennis Publishing, which publishes Men’s Fitness and The Week, is taking a softer approach to ad-blocking: Rather than prohibiting users with ad-blockers enabled from accessing its websites, Dennis Publishing will begin to experiment with tactics that depend on communicating with those users. The experiments will include changing the terms and conditions to restrict what kinds […]

‘Sticky’ video players are boosting viewability rates for video ads

You might have heard: Video advertising is growing fast, but some estimates say that more than half of online video ads are not seen But did you know: As video advertising continues to be a bright spot for many publishers, some online publishers are using “sticky” or “pinned” video players to get more videos in […]

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