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Guardian changes how it labels native ads, now referring to them as ‘paid content’

The Guardian announced this week that it’s making changes to how it labels native ads, and will now label content that’s supported by sponsors with “paid content” or “paid for by.” The Guardian previously labeled native ads with “brought to you by.” The company told Digiday the changes are “a part of our ongoing commitment […]

IAB chief: AdBlock Plus is an ‘extortion racket’ that is ‘subverting freedom of the press’

At the convention that AdBlock Plus was uninvited from earlier this month, the leader of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Randall Rothenberg, didn’t hesitate to fire back about why the ticket was returned: “They are stealing from publishers, subverting freedom of the press, operating a business model predicated on censorship of content, and ultimately forcing consumers […]

What Apple’s changes to its iAd platform mean for publishers

Apple is making some big changes to its iAd mobile advertising platform, making its system more automated, more publisher-driven, and letting publishers keep 100 percent of the revenue they generate. Garett Sloane breaks down what these changes mean for the publishing industry. By getting itself out of the actual selling of ads, Apple frees itself […]

How CBS is getting bigger advertisers to sponsor its podcasts

While Serial may have pushed podcasting into the mainstream, the advertising revenue is yet to follow, Sahil Patel writes. CBS Local Digital Media launched a podcast network last year called Play.It and has gotten brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and DraftKings to advertise on its podcasts. However, a lot the podcasts’ advertising comes from CBS’ multi-platform […]

To end the ‘mobile ad-blocking apocalypse,’ Schibsted is surveying users to find out what makes an effective mobile ad

Scandinavian publishing group Schibsted believes that by creating better mobile ads, the industry can bring mobile ad-blocking to an end. To figure out what makes a mobile ad effective, Schibsted surveyed more than 37,000 users to one of its largest news outlets about how they responded to various types of advertising campaigns. The survey found […]

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