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Could blocking ad blockers be illegal in Europe?

Detecting whether a reader is using an ad blocker could be illegal in Europe, privacy campaigner Alexander Hanff claims. Digiday’s Jessica Davies fact-checks Hanff’s claim: Ad-blocking detection in and of itself may not be illegal, but it might require consent, depending on how the law is interpreted. And websites may not technically be verifying that an […]

Marketers are starting to see the benefits of live-streaming, but struggle with maintaining their image and moderating comments

You might have heard: Facebook live video is drawing news organizations and other media companies in with big audience numbers, but the opportunities for revenue remain unclear But did you know: Live-streaming is taking off, and marketers are starting to catch on, Hannah Kuchler and Shannon Bond write. Advertisers are finding that live-streaming is a […]

Ads on news sites could use up as much at 79% of users’ mobile data

One reason why people download mobile ad blockers is because of the toll mobile ads take on their data plans, Lara O’Reilly writes. A new report from Enders Analysis backs that idea up, showing that ads accounted for as much as 79 percent of data transferred on news sites, with JavaScript elements adding extra data […]

Neither better advertising nor soft approaches may be the answer to ad blocking

You might have heard: Publishers are growing increasingly concerned about ad blocking, and some say better advertising or asking users to turn off their ad blockers could be the solution But did you know: At its WTF Ad Blocking event in the U.K., Digiday rounded up publishers to discuss what they’re doing about ad blocking. […]

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