Welcome API’s new audience engagement strategist, Shirley Qiu

Hi, everyone! I’m the American Press Institute’s new Audience Engagement Strategist. Nice to meet you all.

I’ll be working on the Metrics for News team, helping newsrooms around the country make sense of their analytics, and better understand and reach their audiences. (If you’re unfamiliar with Metrics for News, it’s a pretty sweet analytics tool that helps newsrooms develop long-term, audience-driven strategy. Check it out here.)

I’m thrilled to be a part of this team for many reasons, but what gets me most excited is the opportunity to help newsrooms build a better relationship with their audiences — one of the keys to reversing the problem of decreasing trust in the media. Those of us in the journalism field know how much hard work and care goes into our colleagues’ reporting and storytelling. But how can we more effectively share that with readers, viewers and listeners? Not only that, but how can we improve our reporting and storytelling to better connect with our audiences? Those are some of the questions I think about in this role.

Before coming to API, I was the Features Producer at The Seattle Times, working on digital audience engagement for the Features section (arts, entertainment, food, lifestyle) and Pacific NW, the paper’s weekly Sunday magazine. I wrote a weekly email newsletter about food and managed another for the magazine. And I worked closely with the visuals and graphics departments for interactive storytelling projects. That job was where I really found my love for audience engagement. It’s why I’m here today.

Now that I’m working at a journalism nonprofit, I have the exciting opportunity to take a step back to see the bigger-picture view on a national level — and expand the scope of my own thinking when it comes to audience engagement.

If you’re also thinking about audience engagement, let’s chat. I’d love to hear your ideas and what you’re working on. (And if you’re not, still feel free to say hello!)