4 new topics launch on Better News

Better News, an online resource for news and media innovators, has just added resources and best practices on four new subjects — data journalism, loyalty and community, subscriptions and membership and native advertising.

The site launched in October and is produced by the American Press Institute. Better News is a product of the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, which brings together leading newsrooms to adopt new mobile and digital practices with an intense focus on results, rather than just training and process.

Each of the new sections helps people in the news industry get started or go deeper on subjects that are core to ongoing digital transformation.

  • In the data journalism area, users can learn more about how to get the data you need, how to work with “dirty” data and how to make the business case for data journalism.
  • The loyalty and community section includes readings on how to turn your customers into advocates, how to use chat bots to build community as well as how various newsrooms have tried to build loyalty.
  • The section on subscriptions and membership provides insights on who pays for news and why and practical examples of how newsrooms have built membership programs and consumer revenue engines.
  • The native advertising area looks at the basic principles of native advertising and case studies of how several media organizations have created their own models for paid content. It also provides an example of a code of ethics for paid content.

We will continue adding topics to Better News in the coming months. You can request to receive notifications when future sections go live on the site.

Better News is designed to be a living online resource, and we invite suggestions for case studies on existing subjects it covers, as well as ideas for new topics. News organizations that need additional assistance can also request help from expert mentors through the American Press Institute.