Field Notes: We’re headed East and West to talk about trust and covering marginalized communities

API is headed to Tennessee, Oregon and North Carolina in the coming weeks to talk building audience trust and bridging gaps between neglected communities.

Deputy Executive Director Jeff Sonderman is speaking to the News Industry Summit in Nashville, Tenn., on Thursday morning about “How to build trust and understanding with your audience.” The session will present API research findings about how a newspaper can build a foundation of trust by better explaining what you do and why. It is a distilled from research and best practices that show how to avoid the common pitfalls that confuse and alienate readers. The talk will focus on how publishers can use this information to build brand credibility, subscriptions and long-term loyalty. Follow along @ampress and @jeffsonderman on Twitter.

On Sunday, Program Associate Katherine K. Ellis, Director of Newsroom Learning Amy L.  Kovac-Ashley, and Helga Salinas of ProPublica Illinois, will present, “Repairing the Neglect: How journalists can begin to cover marginalized communities” at the Journalism and Women’s Symposium annual conference, held this year in Mt. Hood, Oregon. In this session, CAMP attendees will examine their own identities to rethink their approach to sourcing, reporting on underrepresented communities and interacting with the public. We’ll discuss American Press Institute research about empathy and how it can help journalists engage more deeply with diverse communities, and how to repair relationships with those they have ignored or marginalized in the past.

All will be accessible during the conference to talk to anyone who is interested in newsroom culture, leadership or diversity and inclusion. Reach out to them on twitter @terabithia4, @Helga_Salinas and @katherinekellis.

Amy will then head to Chapel Hill next week to meet with the second cohort of the UNC Table Stakes program. She will discuss learning opportunities with the news organizations and focus on how their internal newsroom cultures can play a role in their transformation efforts. EducationNC, one of the newsrooms in this year’s program, has already found success in an effort to reach a new audience, as we shared on Better News earlier this week.

Field Notes are brief updates about what API’s team is doing out in the world to help transform newsrooms and spread audience-centered practices. If you want more information or to get involved in any of these things, please contact us.