Field Notes: We’re headed to Excellence in Journalism to talk about diversity and revenue streams

Director of Content Strategy Liz Worthington at our Reader Revenue summit earlier this year.

API is in Baltimore this week for the Excellence in Journalism conference. We’ll be heading up two sessions and tweeting about the rest. Keep up with our insights and key takeaways on Twitter @AmPress.

Our Program Associate Katherine K. Ellis and Director of Newsroom Learning Amy Kovac-Ashley will facilitate the session Repairing the neglect: How journalists can engage with diverse communities on Thursday from 1 to 2 p.m. In this session, attendees will examine their own identity to help them rethink their approach to sourcing, reporting on underrepresented communities and interacting with the public. We’ll discuss American Press Institute research about empathy and how it can help journalists engage more deeply with diverse communities, and how to repair relationships with those they have ignored or marginalized in the past.

Both will be accessible during the conference to talk to anyone who is interested in newsroom culture, leadership or diversity and inclusion. Reach out to them on twitter @terabithia4 and @katherinekellis.

On Friday from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Director of Reader Revenue Gwen Vargo will join Director of Content Strategy Liz Worthington for a discussion on exploring alternative business models with long-term growth and sustainability in mind. In Better your bottom line with metrics, they will highlight some of API’s recent subscriber research, metrics and KPI best practices and examples of how publishers are using metrics in their newsroom. They will also be sharing examples of specific local news organizations who are using metrics to makes resource decisions and even drive digital subscriptions.

Both will be accessible during the conference to meet with anyone who is interested in shifting to reader revenue, metrics or understanding your audience. Reach out to them on twitter @GwenVargo and @lizmworthington, respectively.

Field Notes are brief updates about what API’s team is doing out in the world to help transform newsrooms and spread audience-centered practices. If you want more information or to get involved in any of these things, please contact us.