4 new topics launch on Better News

Better News, an online resource for news and media innovators, has just added resources and best practices on four new subjects — product management, video, reaching new audiences and building trust.

The site launched in October and is produced by the American Press Institute. Better News is a product of the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, which brings together leading newsrooms to adopt new mobile and digital practices with an intense focus on results, rather than just training and process.

Each of the new sections helps people in the news industry get started or go deeper on subjects that are core to ongoing digital transformation.

  • In the product management area, users can learn more about how to think like a product owner and find tools and resources to bring product principles into newsrooms.

  • The video section includes readings on the “pivot to video” conversations and arguments happening in the industry as well as case studies on how various newsrooms have used different types of video — social, 360, VR/AR — in their coverage.

  • The section on reaching new audiences can help newsrooms think about the audiences they don’t already reach or have neglected.

  • The section on building trust is aimed at helping news organizations look at the many facets of journalism’s trust problem: erosion of public trust in journalism, mistrust between news organizations, and fractured trust within newsrooms themselves.

We will continue adding topics to Better News in the coming months. You can request to receive notifications when future sections go live on the site.

Better News is designed to be a living online resource, and we invite suggestions for case studies on existing subjects it covers, as well as ideas for new topics. News organizations that need additional assistance can also request help from expert mentors through the American Press Institute.