Apply for funds to help start 2019 with better newsroom analytics

Metrics for NewsNews organizations who want to prioritize audience-driven storytelling and simplify their analytics with easy-to-use dashboards can now take advantage of subsidized access to the Metrics for News software and services provided by the American Press Institute.

Thanks to a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, subsidies are now available to use Metrics for News at a reduced cost in up to 10 newsrooms.

Who can apply? Newsrooms must be U.S.-based and committed to public-service journalism. Current participants in Metrics for News are not eligible for these subsidies. Because the intent of this effort is to help offset the cost of Metrics for News for news organizations in need, we will give preference to these kinds of news organizations:

  • Newspapers or online-only media serving a small, mid-size or rural area
  • TV or radio outlets serving a small, mid-size or rural area
  • Place-based media serving particular marginalized audiences (e.g. ethnic media, religious media)
  • Nonprofit newsrooms
  • Journalism startups

What is the commitment? Selected newsrooms will sign up for a one-year commitment to use Metrics for News, for which at least half of the costs will be covered by the subsidy. Also, selected newsrooms will agree to write a memo at the start of the program outlining their goals and how they will measure success. They also agree to share their learnings publicly midway through the year and at the end highlighting how Metrics for News contributed to their initial goals and the changes their newsroom made. These learnings will be published by API and used as a public resource. It’s okay if you aren’t sure exactly how you might use Metrics for News right now. Our team of audience engagement and content strategy specialists will explain how this might be beneficial to your newsroom based on your own unique needs.

What is the deadline? If you are looking for better analytics, ways to be more audience-focused, or refining your digital strategy for 2019, express your interest by Jan. 18 and we will follow up to discuss your individual case.

What is it? Metrics for News gives newsrooms powerful journalism analytics that go beyond traditional traffic metrics. Metrics for News is an analytics dashboard created specifically for newsrooms and journalists. It centralizes data from your current analytics services — Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Chartbeat — as well as social media and commenting platforms to show patterns in how your audiences engage with your journalism, all on a user-friendly interface. It provides customized Engagement Scores that blend together all the important ways people engage with your content.

What does Metrics for News help you do? It can help you answer important audience questions such as why users engage with you and what drives them to subscribe, or measure the key journalistic qualities you care about (beats, enterprise, watchdog reporting, and more). Ultimately you can identify and refine content strategies to grow audiences and deepen engagement.

We have worked with more than 70 newsroom partners who use Metrics for News for purposes such as:

  • Know what types of journalism users engage with and why
  • Empower journalists to measure and improve their own performance
  • Simplify analytics by blending key metrics you care about into single Engagement Scores that reflect your values and business strategy
  • Track different audience segments to learn what drives engagement, builds loyalty and triggers subscriptions,
  • Learn what to do more of, do less of or do differently

How to get started: Fill out this form to express your interest and tell us about your newsroom. For more information on using Metrics for News, please visit or email Katie Kutsko, API’s partner development manager, at