API to support WAN-IFRA prize for News in Education

We’re pleased to share during this News in Education Week that the American Press Institute will sponsor one of this year’s World Young Reader Prizes, the annual awards for excellence in youth engagement and news literacy from WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

Support from API will go to the awards’ News in Education category, which honors activity by a news publisher to encourage use of printed or digital news content in the teaching of news literacy, media literacy or of any other subject. Also included in this category are activities that give young people the chance to experience professional journalism.

API has long had a relationship with NIE programs at U.S. newspapers through the former Newspaper Association of America Foundation, with which API merged with in 2012. Since the beginning of the new API, we have remained committed to offering resources for teachers and news professionals who want to teach about news and use it in the classroom.

We also want to call attention to a new category in this year’s World Young Reader Prizes that may be of interest to people involved in forming new generations of thoughtful news consumers and journalists. For the first time, an educator will be among the winners of this year’s World Young Reader Prizes.

This new prize, the “Global Media Literacy Teacher” award, is supported by NewseumED, the education division of the Newseum.

“This award is long overdue,” said Aralynn McMane, executive director for news literacy and youth engagement at WAN-IFRA. “Teachers are on the front line in the creation of the literate, media-savvy, civic-minded new citizens that not only news publishers need, but society as well. We hope this will serve as a small way to thank them.”

The Newseum will also host the awards ceremony for all the World Young Reader Prizes on Dec. 1. Here are more details on all the awards.

Increasingly API is also seeking other players who can help teach and demonstrate fundamental news concepts to more young people.

Last month we announced a partnership with technology learning company Newsela’s Students Vote 2016, an initiative with Rock the Vote to hold what they think is the largest student-­powered mock general election. As part of that arrangement, API is introducing teachers to concepts of news literacy that they can discuss while teaching other subjects.

We’re also working to understanding the ways legacy and new publishers can better convey the news to young people. This NIE Week we published an installment in our Good Questions series on Clover, an upstart newsletter from two former magazine editors who want to email teenagers the news.

API plans to continue in 2016 to highlight, promote and better share the ideas of publishers trying to reach younger generations. Those involved with NIE programs may be interested in joining our NIE listserv. Others involved in youth and media efforts may find useful Need to Know, API’s daily newsletter which surfaces fresh and useful insights for news publishers, including ideas for better reach young audiences.

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