API Field Notes: Supporting fact-checking around the world and the basics of engaged journalism

Global Fact V, the fifth international summit of journalists and researchers who work in fact-checking and accountability journalism, is this week in Rome. Jane Elizabeth, the American Press Institute’s Director of Accountability Journalism, will attend and present a session on reaching resistant audiences.

About 200 people will attend the event — quadruple the number from the first international fact-checking summit held in London in 2014.

You can follow the presentations on Twitter using the hashtag #GlobalFactV. Here’s more information on discussions, workshops and presentations. The event is hosted in partnership with Pagella Politica, Italy’s premier fact-checking project; and is funded by Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab, the Omidyar Network and the Open Society Foundations.

Our newsletter in partnership with the Poynter Institute, “The Week in Fact-Checking,” also will feature talks and findings from the conference. You can subscribe here.

Some of our survey research in conjunction with AP-NORC, “Americans and the News Media: What they do — and don’t — understand about each other,” was featured on the Knight Foundation’s Medium page. Our Director of Program Operations and Partnerships, Kevin Loker, highlighted the positive experiences people have with journalists. He cited several findings that offer hope for news organizations trying to increase transparency and rebuild trust with their audiences.

Director of Content Strategy Liz Worthington and Content Strategy Specialist Mel Jones are at The Virginian-Pilot to dig into Metrics for News audience engagement data with the newsroom. They’ll talk about audiences and what data shows their audiences are passionate about. They’ll discuss engagement and the kinds of journalism that resonates with readers, as tracked by Metrics for News. Data is one way to listen to your audiences but it’s much more powerful when combined with editorial expertise. This workshop is designed to help the newsroom dig into patterns and trends in their data that can inform decisions on what to cover and how to cover it.

Field Notes are brief updates about what API’s team is doing out in the world to help transform newsrooms and spread audience-centered practices. If you want more information or to get involved in any of these things, please contact us.