Join API at NICAR22 to talk tracking source diversity

We at the American Press Institute are excited to participate in person this year at NICAR22, the Investigative Reporters & Editors’ annual data journalism conference

Liz Worthington, API’s Director of Metrics for News and Source Matters, will join a session to talk about tracking the diversity of sources (Saturday, March 5, at 10:45 a.m EST). Anyone registered to attend NICAR22 virtually can watch the livestream. 

Liz will share the tools API has built to help publishers track the diversity of their sources. She will join Yoohyun Jung of the San Francisco Chronicle and Lauren Chapman of Indiana Public Broadcasting to talk about ways newsrooms are tracking source diversity and building diverse source databases as part of a larger effort to practice more inclusive journalism. Yoohyun, a data reporter, is moderating the session and will share her experience with source tracking as a data journalist for the Honolulu Civil Beat where she worked before the Chronicle.  Lauren will share a “copy and pastable” source diversity tracker she built that you can adopt for your newsroom. She will also share how it’s been used in her newsroom and the lessons learned so far. Together we look forward to a fruitful conversation about how newsrooms can monitor and improve sourcing, especially as it relates to work of IRE members.

API launched Source Matters, its source diversity tracking tool, in 2021. News organizations use Source Matters to understand how their coverage reflects the voices of their communities. WFAE is one such local news organization that has discussed using Source Matters to the IRE network

Source Matters helps news organizations automatically identify all of their sources in all of their stories, streamlining data collection, and visualizes trends. Each newsroom can customize the dimensions of diversity they want to track and decide when and how often to conduct an inventory of their sources. The team, which also runs the analytics program Metrics for News, supports newsroom partners that use the tool with data collection, analysis and how to use this data to inform changes or improvements to reporting and sourcing practices. 

Source Matters helps news organizations streamline source diversity tracking.

Users can also examine trends.

Most of the newsroom partners we work with involve their entire staff in this work to learn who is quoted most often, whose perspectives dominate their journalism and where there are opportunities to be more inclusive. Doing this important work can show you where your sourcing falls short, help you set goals for improvement and measure your progress over time — all with the goal of better serving and reflecting your communities. 

For more information or to request a demo of Source Matters for your own newsroom, please visit

Planning to attend #NICAR22? Say hi to Liz Worthington, director of Metrics for News and Source Matters, on Twitter @lizmworthington.