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Key ecosystem recommendations

Trust cannot be rebuilt without a strong investment in community engagement.

Design and research

Our goal was to have a cohort inclusive of broadcast, digital-first and traditional print newsrooms working within the city.

Need to Know: February 7, 2023

Gannett closes comments on most of its sites, ChatGPT sparks “pink slime” website concerns, and post-colonial journalism in Brazil

Need to Know Leadership Reset: February 6, 2023

No imposters in the newsroom! Using resilience to quiet the voice in your head

No imposters in the newsroom! Using resilience to quiet the voice in your head

Imposter syndrome is a systemic issue, which makes it a DEIB issue, which means it can largely feel out of our circle of influence.

Need to Know: February 3, 2023

Weekly roundup — API Inclusion Index newsrooms in Pittsburgh announce DEIB plans, a roadmap for local news, and a TikTok-based newsroom

API Inclusion Index cohort kicks off plans to improve the Pittsburgh news ecosystem

Four newsrooms in Pittsburgh openly acknowledged their struggles to serve communities of color and dedicated themselves to concrete changes related to diversity and inclusion following a near-year-long project with API.

Need to Know: February 2, 2023

Ralph Nader’s new print newspaper, Gawker shuts down again, and API’s Pittsburgh cohort shares their DEIB goals

Need to Know: February 1, 2023

Long-term Uvalde reporting challenges stereotypes, moving away from objectivity, and the new article-sharing app from Instagram’s founders

Need to Know: January 31, 2023

Centering community care in police violence and protest coverage, tech-targeted reader revenue, and AI-written Medium content to be labeled