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Need to Know: August 27, 2019

How to cut print and keep revenue, replace Facebook with push notifications, and ways to use data for local news

Improving digital in the shift away from print

Better Digital: Embracing data-based content and distribution strategies Unless a newspaper’s goal is to fade into oblivion, reducing print must be accompanied by investment in better digital experiences for readers. Just cutting print publishing days alone is not movement toward the future. Newspapers must embrace using data to understand their audiences and the effectiveness of […]

Expecting pushback before and after reducing print days

Expecting Pushback: How to tell readers change is coming Perhaps more than with any other issue, the publishers and newspaper leaders interviewed for this study agreed that communicating well with readers and advertisers is critical when eliminating print days. In fact, you cannot do too much to let people know the change is coming. A […]

Planning to eliminate print publishing days

Planning the Change: Picking which print days to cut A critical choice when reducing print publication frequency is selecting which days of the week to cut. The decision-making process may seem straightforward: eliminate the days with the least advertising. But the decision may be influenced by unique local factors such as sports coverage or local […]

Two paths to reducing print: a long-term transformation vs. a rapid cut for survival

The Best Path: Reducing print on a thoughtful journey to digital Cutting a newspaper’s publishing days can save money by eliminating the pieces of the business — trucks, paper and printers — for which there is declining consumer demand. But cutting alone is not enough to ensure a newspaper will continue to exist and serve […]
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Cutting print: Making it work when publishing days must go

When a large U.S. newspaper cuts print publication days or curtails home delivery, headlines may scream media apocalypse. But for years, newspapers here and there across the country — little noticed beyond their home markets — have gradually scaled back print publishing. Papers of all sizes have considered it. Some are considering it right now. […]

Need to Know: August 26, 2019

Solve audience problems with more than news, a campaign to discredit journalists who cover Trump, and what product managers really do

Need to Know: August 23, 2019

Reducing log-in friction, is recession coverage alarmist, and the threat facing college newspapers

Factually: Can warnings from fact-checkers reduce sharing?

The misinformation expert Claire Wardle, writing in the current issue of Scientific American, poses (then expertly answers) a key question for people concerned about the current state of the online information ecosystem: Why do people share misinformation, conspiracies and other kinds of misleading content on social media? (The article is part of a larger package dedicated to “Truth, […]

Need to Know: August 22, 2019

How ‘bridge roles’ lead change, measuring the impact of solutions journalism, and stop overlooking local independent news media