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Need to Know: October 28, 2020

Another government plan to save local news, engaging sports fans on social media, and reporting in graphic-novel form

Need to Know: October 27, 2020

Are journalists too focused on foreign influence, a reporting recipe for political ad targeting, and a COVID-19 data partnership

Need to Know: October 26, 2020

Prepare to cover likely voting scenarios, media mistakes after four years of Trump, and Votebeat’s future plans

13 tips for covering likely election scenarios

American elections are highly decentralized, with local and state laws and processes governing election administration in more than 10,000 jurisdictions across the country. As in elections past, issues will pop up in some jurisdictions and not in others. It’s critical for journalists to understand what those issues might be, how the misinformation ecosystem will accelerate […]

5 guideposts for thoughtfully covering the voting

This year’s election will have problems, and journalists need to handle them with care. Here are five guideposts for doing so. Elections are the highest of journalism’s high-wire acts. Everyone’s paying attention, and mistakes can be devastating. This year, that pressure is intensified. Election administrators are under stress because of the COVID-19 pandemic, changing laws […]

Need to Know: October 23, 2020

How to demonstrate credibility, takeaways from election conversations with the AP, and newspapers aren’t protecting their statehouse beats

How The Associated Press is thinking about this election

In September and October, we hosted four conversations with The Associated Press to discuss how AP journalists are covering the voting process, making election calls, using polling to tell stories about the electorate, and responding to election misinformation. The recordings of each of those conversations are included below, with quick lessons and resources to inform […]

Factually: The power of simple hoaxes

Amid all the discussion over coordinated disinformation campaigns from both foreign and domestic actors aimed at this year’s elections, a fake email in Iowa reminds us that falsehoods don’t really need to be that complicated. After an Oct. 15 debate between incumbent Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst and her Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield, critics pounced on […]

Announcing the third round of grantees for the Trusted Elections Network Fund

The American Press Institute today announced additional recipients of its Trusted Elections Network Fund micro-grants.  New funding to expand this initiative to improve audience-centered elections coverage comes from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation. We are grateful for the additional support, allowing us to fund an additional 5 newsrooms, and bringing the total number of funded […]

Need to Know: October 21, 2020

Newsroom hotline connects readers with information, a news app that builds reading habits, and how to explain endorsements