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Need to Know: November 9, 2020

An alternative to journalism internships, the emergence of news product roles, and how Fox’s news and opinion hosts covered the election

Need to Know: November 6, 2020

Help audiences navigate post-election uncertainty, identifying media manipulation attempts, and a clever way to sponsor subscriptions

Factually: The wait for final results gives misinformers an opening

This tweet from Factually’s founding father, former IFCN director Alexios Mantzarlis, sums it up perfectly — the longer we go without a definitive presidential election winner, the greater the opportunity there is for misinformation. Nowhere is that phenomenon clearer than in Pennsylvania, a swing state whose results are expected to take longer than most. As New York […]

Need to Know: November 4, 2020

How local reporting combats election fraud claims, a running list of election misinfo, and help explaining or defending your journalism

Need to Know: November 3, 2020

Election night coverage preview, how to handle premature claims of victory, and legal and safety resources for journalists to use today

Need to Know: November 2, 2020

How election winners will be called, how to make accurate info stand out on social media this week, and diversifying book publishing

Verifying Election Outcomes

Journalists have an important role in informing the public about how states canvass and verify election results. A number of jurisdictions have recently adopted processes for verifying their election counts through post-election audits. We’ll speak with Ben Adida, the Executive Director of VotingWorks, and Tammy Patrick, a senior advisor to Democracy Fund and a former […]

Need to Know: October 30, 2020

Smarter paywalls for everyone, apply ‘systems thinking’ to your investigations, and why news deserts become democracy deserts

Need to Know: October 29, 2020

News outlets are misinformation superspreaders, few U.S. adults blame journalists for bias, and tearing down ad and subscriptions siloes

Factually: Turning human error into election ‘fraud’

Humans make mistakes, and this year’s election – run by humans – will bring plenty of them. Poll workers are managing the vote during a pandemic. Laws are changing, sometimes late in the game because of court rulings. A greater number of people are voting by mail. And with the inevitable mistakes comes a whole […]