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Factually: Coronavirus deniers spread a deadly message

The coronavirus has killed more than 20,800 worldwide, and still there are people denying it exists. These are people who, ignoring not only facts but also others’ grief, find time (probably during their quarantine) to push disinformation online about COVID-19. From a fact-checkers’ perspective – and also from a humanitarian point of view – I would suggest […]

Need to Know: March 25, 2020

Funding and tools to cover coronavirus, how to not spread misinformation, and stop calling it a 'paywall'

Free content, tools and funding to help your newsroom cover the coronavirus

As newsrooms work flat-out to cover the biggest story of our time, API is highlighting some of the free tools and grant funding that are being developed to supplement newsrooms’ existing resources around coronavirus coverage. We recognize that newsrooms have very little time to explore these opportunities. For that reason, we are focusing on: tools […]

Need to Know: March 24, 2020

Connect readers with resources, the ethics of paywalling coronavirus coverage, and tell your audience how you fight misinformation

Need to Know: March 23, 2020

Get free coronavirus analytics from Metrics for News, pandemic coverage boosts traffic but not ads, and how newsrooms are using Zoom

Are you fighting misinformation? Tell your audience

This post is part of API’s 2020 election network, a project to help local news leaders and experts address misinformation and election integrity issues in the lead up to November. On Thursday, March 26 at 1 p.m. ET, Joy — director of Trusting News — will be answering your questions about building trust. Sign up […]

Apply for free access to Metrics for News to track COVID-19 coverage

As newsrooms across the country strive to serve their communities during the public health crisis, it’s even more important they know what in their coverage connects with their audiences.  In response, the American Press Institute created a special dashboard in our analytics tool Metrics for News to help newsrooms assess the impact of their COVID-19 […]

Need to Know: March 20, 2020

Coronavirus traffic analysis, become your community’s missing public square, and consider which feelings your stories inspire

Need to Know: March 19, 2020

How to manage your stress, solutions-focused virus coverage, and local alt media is being quickly devastated

Factually: The power of rumors in a fast-moving crisis

Once President Donald Trump declared on Friday that he would use a federal law known as the Stafford Act as the basis for an emergency declaration to assist states with their coronavirus response, it wasn’t long before misinformation started circulating on social media and in text messages. The law essentially allows federal resources to flow to […]