Why the industry is failing on its diversity goals: We don’t know how to recruit well and financial cuts make it more difficult

Richard Prince asked eight editors at the convention of the American Society of News Editors and the Associated Press Managing Editors this weekend why the news industry is failing to meet its diversity goal. Billy Penn’s Jim Brady and Knoxville News Sentinel managing editor Tom Chester both echoed the idea that our recruiting is flawed: As the ways that people are learning about jobs change, we may need to rethink the path of a job listing, Brady says. Mitch Pugh, executive editor of Charleston’s Post and Courier, brought up the idea that a lack of diversity is partly the result of financial cuts: “[Lack of diversity happens] when you’re cutting away (and thinking only of) what are you going to take out, and not thinking strategically. A lot of the cuts in the industry have hurt that pool of talent.”

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