Why video isn’t going to be an easy way for digital publishers to bring in big revenue

Video is often looked to as a potential savior for digital publishers, but Sahil Patel writes that it’s not quite that simple. Video is expensive to produce, and though social platforms like Facebook offer publishers scale, monetizing video content remains a challenge. And, just because publishers are publishing video on these platforms doesn’t mean that advertisers will necessarily be interested, Horizon Media’s director of digital Alex Stone says: “I don’t think most media planners will bat an eye at the strategy of some of these guys. Prove that you can do it well. Prove that people are engaging and staying with the video.”

+ Insights into how people are consuming video today: Mobile is consistently growing, but shorter videos are more successful on mobile, and with more platforms to watch video on, people have more video choices than ever before (TheMediaBriefing)