Are Trump’s press bans moving down to local politicians?

In Harrisburg, Pa., the mayor has barred his spokesperson from speaking to PennLive, the largest news outlet in the area, and barred PennLive reporters from attending his weekly press briefings. Harrisburg mayor Eric Papenfuse says he’s taking a stand against an “illegitimate … gossip blog,” while PennLive says its reporting on Papenfuse’s business and civic dealings lead to the ban. In light ofTrump’s recent bans on news organizations, CJR’s Jack Murtha writes: “Given the ease with which a man running for the country’s highest office blacklists journalists, it’s worth asking whether this could become the new normal in towns and cities across the country.”

+ But despite the fact that Trump revoked The Washington Post’s press credentials, it’s unlikely that will have any effect on the Post’s coverage, BuzzFeed political editor Katherine Miller says: “It hasn’t affected our coverage, it hasn’t prevented us from covering inside rallies, it hasn’t prevented us from covering outside rallies. I don’t feel like there’s anything that we haven’t been able to do because we don’t have credentials” (Poynter)