Trump’s presidential campaign could be an opportunity for news organizations to take firmer stances on politicians’ statements

“Trump’s campaign would appear to be an opening for news organizations to add value for their audiences by coming to firmer conclusions on politicians’ statements,” David Uberti writes, “Or, to borrow a phrase often bastardized by outsider politicians, telling it like it is.” While news organizations that tend to be more openly opinionated in their coverage have adopted the term “lie” as part of covering Trump’s campaign, Uberti notes that even news organizations that shy away from the word have been using it more often: On Saturday, The New York Times called Trump out for a “trillion-dollar lie” about telling different interest groups different tax policy proposals.

+ Public editor Liz Spayd on how NYT chooses to use the term “lie”: It’s only used when facts are demonstrably clear and when the intentionality to lie is there, and it’s not used to “police more frivolous disputes among political candidates or political factions” (New York Times)