Trump has been denying press credentials to news organizations for nearly a year

Nearly as long as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has existed, it’s been trying to prevent some news organizations from covering it. CNN Money lists all the news organizations Trump’s campaign has blocked, beginning with Univision last summer after Trump sued the company for canceling its broadcast of Trump’s Miss USA pageant. Trump aides have previously stated that they believe banning certain reporters or news outlets is a logical response to what they see as unfair treatment by the press.

+ Margaret Sullivan: It doesn’t necessarily hurt The Washington Post that much to have its press credentials revoked by Trump, because there’s still a lot of reporting that can be done without direct access to Trump events (Washington Post);  A (satirical) style guide to covering Trump, including rules such as the transitive property of Trump, meaning that “whenever Donald Trump loves something, it loves him back” (Washington Post)

+ A lawyer hired by Peter Thiel for earlier lawsuits is asking Gawker to reveal its sources and take down its investigation of Trump’s hair (Gawker)