There’s been no magic bullet to solve ad viewability issues, and much disagreement

As more ad dollars go toward digital, digital media continues to wrestle with how to show ads are being viewed. People in attendance for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Annual Leadership Meeting, for instance, seemed to concur that it’s no longer acceptable to pay for ads that simply aren’t viewable, notes John McDermott, but there was “little” agreement on which parties should be responsible for moving the industry how to do so and its feasibility to move quickly. One notable point for this group: publishers should rework their designs so as to increase ad viewability (a point countered as well: the onus shouldn’t be on just the publisher).

+ Combatting ad fraud is another high tension battle, also put on display at the IAB meeting this week (AdAge); New display-ad format: The “cinemagraph,” a subtly moving and “almost hypnotic” image that keep users’ attention (AdWeek)