The #mediadiversity conversation highlights the lack of diversity in most newsrooms

Conversation on Twitter around the #mediadiversity hashtag the past couple days has highlighted the lack of diversity in newsrooms and the need for it, Shan Wang writes. While minorities make up 37 percent of the U.S. population, they’re only 13.3 percent of journalists at daily newspapers, a poor representation of the demographics served. Among the ideas and conversation the hashtag has created, David Cazares emphasized how diverse editors can lead to more diverse hiring: “One of best ways news organizations can improve their hiring is to ensure they do so among editors. We need to be in the room.

+ A handy interactive to find out how diverse the newspaper industry is, both in terms of gender and ethnicity (Poynter) and earlier: The reason there’s not more minority journalists may be that they aren’t finding full-time jobs in journalism