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The problem with story quotas: ‘Providing a lot of stories is not the same as providing a service to readers’

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When newsroom leaders implement story quotas, John Robinson says they’re measuring the wrong thing: Simply providing a lot of stories isn’t the same thing as providing value and service to readers. Robinson writes: “It is true that every marketing survey of news content I’ve seen says that readers want ‘more.’ But it’s not more ‘stuff.’ It’s more content that affects their lives.”

+ Why “the tyranny of the impression” is killing digital media: “Digital publishing is built on ad sales based on impressions, and impressions are a terrible currency for selling advertising on the internet. … When digital publishers sell ads on impressions, all written content is valued equally. A lengthy New York Times expose is no more or less valuable than a blog post crammed with someone else’s Vines. That makes producing high-quality, expensive content a foolish business proposition” (International Business Times)

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