The Panama Papers show a shift in mainstream journalism, moving more toward WikiLeaks

The Panama Papers show the “WikiLeaks-ization” of mainstream journalism, Jim Rutenberg writes. That shift is significant, and it’s one that’s changing the course of history, Rutenberg writes, as well as “changing the rules for mainstream journalists in the fierce business of unearthing secrets, and for the government and corporate officials in the fiercer business of keeping them.”

+ Emily Bell writes that the Panama Papers also show how crucial cooperation between news organizations is, both on important stories and when navigating relationships with platforms: “If competitive advantage now rests in a close co-operation with platforms and technologies, and it looks as though it does, then as journalists we need to be more open about disclosing those terms of engagement. Facebook articles and the Panama Papers are conceptually quite a long way apart, but in terms of how we work together cooperatively, and the benefit of transparency applied to transactions, they are maybe much closer than we might think” (Guardian)