Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a summit for conservative leaders on Wednesday

About a dozen conservative leaders are headed to Facebook on Wednesday, including Glenn Beck and Dana Perino. After Gizmodo reported that some of Facebook’s news curators suppressed conservative news, Mark Zuckerberg said last week that he would meet with conservatives and people across the political spectrum to discuss it. Beck says that Zuckerberg will be explaining what happened and will “assure us that it won’t happen again.”

+ Some more thoughts on Facebook’s potential political bias: “The bad press Facebook has received for political bias in recent days is likely to push it away from human curation and toward yet more algorithmic curation. The irony is that will make Facebook more of an echo chamber, not less of one” (Vox); Facebook isn’t the only social network to employ editors or curators, but the scrutiny they’re facing is new (New York Times)