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Margaret Sullivan: Given the importance of the Sanders story, why weren’t all editing changes made before it was published online?

New York Times

Writing about a controversial story about Bernie Sanders that was edited after publication, Margaret Sullivan says: “The Sanders article was not a breaking news story, but rather a look back at his legislative record. Given its sensitivity and importance (it ended up on the front page on the morning of major primaries), why didn’t senior editors vet the story and make all the editing changes before it went online? Digital platforms, after all, are not a test run, and non-urgent stories don’t need to be pushed out as quickly as this one apparently was.”

+ Is it time to reimagine the role of public editor at NYT? USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s Mike Ananny says it is: “The public editor is meant to mediate between newsrooms and audiences, but where exactly are newsrooms and audiences today? … The press no longer lives only in newsrooms; audiences are harder than ever to pin down; and both are increasingly meeting through companies and technologies with short histories and unclear investments in professional journalism.” (Nieman Lab)

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