‘The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies’

“The officials leaking [the information leading to Michael Flynn’s resignation] acted justifiably, despite the fact that they violated the law,” Glenn Greenwald argues. “That’s because the leaks revealed that a high government official, Gen. Flynn, blatantly lied to the public about a material matter — his conversations with Russian diplomats — and the public has the absolute right to know this. This episode underscores a critical point: The mere fact that an act is illegal does not mean it is unjust or even deserving of punishment. Oftentimes, the most just acts are precisely the ones that the law prohibits. That’s particularly true of whistleblowers … In those cases, we should cheer those who do it, even though they are undertaking exactly those actions that the criminal law prohibits.”

+ Jay Rosen: “For a moment there I thought these guys were serious about treating the news media as ‘the opposition party’ and trying to remove it as a check on power. That seemed to be the plan. They had the pieces in place. But when Michael Flynn was vanquished from the White House they revealed to us that for now at least they’re unable go through with it” (PressThink)

+ Gizmodo Media Group’s investigations team is buying highly targeted Facebook ads to steer potential leakers to its website TellOnTrump.com, which offers a variety of secure methods to leak to Gizmodo (Wall Street Journal); President Trump is trying to reframe the Flynn story by criticizing leaks to the press, rather than trying to debate the accuracy of the story (CNN Media)

+ Trump continues the trend of only calling on conservative outlets in press conferences (Politico) and conservative blogger Erick Erickson says Trump is doing “the American people a great disservice by inviting Gateway Pundit in to the press briefings”: “I’m not sure there is a greater purveyor of fake news on the left or right than that site. Inviting in a known purveyor of fake news gives that purveyor a credibility that is not deserved. It gives a credibility that will most assuredly be abused to spread even more fake news” (The Resurgent)