Jack Shafer: If Sheldon Adelson is looking to influence the press, he’s using an outdated strategy

While there was a time when a millionaire could control a city’s press, Jack Shafer writes those days are long behind us. If that’s the Adelson family’s goal in purchasing the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Shafer writes that they’ll be hard-pressed to influence the paper’s coverage, because bloggers, weekly newspapers and a plethora of other news outlets will be ready to criticize him. Shafer writes: “The Adelson family’s purchase of the Review-Journal … has made the paper’s coverage of even inconsequential events an object of national fascination. … Today, everything that the Review-Journal prints and everything its bosses and employees say contains potential news.”

+ The staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal received more guidelines on Tuesday about how to cover the Adelson family, including requiring a statement about their ownership to appear in the paper, all articles related to the Adelson’s business and political interests containing disclosures, and an opportunity to meet a representative of the family (New York Times)