In a given week, Trump’s name appeared in homepage headlines 1,341 times, while Clinton appeared 361 times

Does the media bear some responsibility for Donald Trump’s rise? USC Annenberg’s Ev Boyle says based on the sheer amount of coverage the media has given Trump, it does. A team at USC Annenberg spent a week tracking mentions of the presidential candidates on 14 news websites and found that Trump received significantly more homepage coverage than all other candidates combined: Trump was mentioned in headlines 1,341 times, while the second-most covered candidate Hillary Clinton appeared 361 times and all other candidates besides Trump were mentioned 1,047 times.

+ Eugene Robinson argues that Trump’s rise isn’t the media’s fault because it’s news organizations’ job to cover him: “The news media, it seems to me, are guilty only of reporting the news — which is that a candidate who has never held elective office, and who displays neither the base of knowledge nor the temperament necessary to serve as president, is leading all comers for the Republican nomination” (Washington Post); Analyzing Trump coverage, Nate Silver says: “Most of the Trump-related stories the media has covered have a lot of intrinsic news value … The problem is that the cumulative effect of always choosing the Trump story piles up” (FiveThirtyEight)

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