The fall and rise of the news bundle and why bundles will become the main way people experience the news

“The newspaper bundle was more than a business model or a product of the technology and delivery systems of the time. It brought order to countless things happening daily, with people relying on professionals to select a handful of events and include them in the stable and fixed format of the printed page,” writes Alfred Hermida. “The bundle is back, enjoying a renaissance as people realize that they need it more than ever before,” writes Hermida noting that the news is being packaged and bundled in four broad ways: by apps, devices, social signals, and algorithms.

+ Bundles as a “news mixtape” (Nieman Lab) and BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti predicts a world with “multiple bundles”: “That’s why technology is so important, because engineers are able to understand this dynamic bundling, which is a different way of thinking about the media industry.” (The Verge)

+ Other notable debates: New Pew study finds most people OK trading privacy for valued digital services (Poynter); “If you could get a ruler and measure news coverage, news coverage has probably never been more accurate than it is today,” says Jack Shafer (Digiday)