‘Face it, Facebook. You’re in the news business’

Though Facebook may not want to acknowledge its role in the news universe, it’s still forced to make many of the same decisions that news organizations must make: Questions like “Should a TV network air a terrorist beheading?” have their equivalents on social media. Margaret Sullivan writes: “Yes, social media platforms are businesses. They have no obligation to call their offerings ‘news’ or to depict their judgments as editorial decisions. … But given their extraordinary influence, they do have an obligation to grapple, as transparently as possible, with extraordinary responsibility.”

+ Facebook Live’s role in broadcasting the shootings in Dallas and the aftermath of Philando Castile’s death, new questions are arising on Facebook’s role in breaking news: Facebook Live is a big internal priority for the platform, but it’s also never promoted Live as “a tool for police accountability or eyewitness coverage of a shooting rampage” (CNN Money)

+ 10 questions for journalists to ask themselves before broadcasting on Facebook Live, including would you publish or air what you’re live-streaming and are you prepared to broadcast the worst possible outcome from the story? (Poynter)