Dean Baquet: NYT would not have offered El Chapo final approval over the story

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet says that the NYT would not have offered El Chapo the pre-publication approval that Rolling Stone did. Baquet says that he does not believe in preapproval in any case. If preapproval was a prerequisite for the interview, Baquet says: “Yes, I would have walked away from the interview.”

+ Kelly McBride says the problem with the El Chapo story isn’t Sean Penn, but his editors: “The best editors lift writers above the level they might reach on their own. … All he had to do was prepare Penn to set aside his own ego and go into the interview with his loyalties firmly on the side of Rolling Stone’s audience.” (Poynter)

+ Sean Penn is now reportedly under investigation by the Mexican government for his interview with the drug lord (Bloomberg Business)