Dan Rather expresses concern about the transparency of Facebook’s algorithms

In a note on Facebook, Dan Rather expressed concern about the transparency of Facebook’s “mysterious algorithms,” while noting the benefits of Facebook for news : “I … worry about the opaqueness of Facebook and its mysterious algorithms. My team and I try to figure out why some posts seem to ‘hit’ and are shared thousands of times while reaching millions of people, while others fare much more modestly. … On balance, I feel that all this change is a tremendous force for good. … I believe Facebook never set out to become the primary means of journalistic communication. We have to figure out how to make that work best for all concerned.”

+ Quartz’s ideas on how Facebook’s algorithm for trending news probably works, based on patent filings and interviews with former news curators: The algorithm identifies topics with “a sharp increase in mentions over a short period of time,” weighing likes/shares as well (Quartz)