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Ben Smith tells BuzzFeed staff, it’s OK to call Trump a ‘mendacious racist’

The Blaze

In a memo to staff on Tuesday, BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith told staff it’s not a violation of BuzzFeed’s ethical guidelines to call Donald Trump a racist on social media. BuzzFeed’s ethics guide states, “Reporters and editors should refrain from commenting in a partisan way about candidates or policy issues.” Smith does recommend that staff refrain from suggesting that Trump’s views are reflective of all Republicans or conservatives. Smith says: “Our coverage reflects the facts of his campaign, and you aren’t going to get in trouble for stating them on Twitter.”

+ Other news organizations are debating how to cover Trump as well: The Huffington Post announced that it will no longer cover Trump in its “entertainment” section, Grasswire announced it will not cover “incendiary political rhetoric” (Medium) and Jay Rosen says, if a news organization can’t take a candidate seriously, it should tell its readers

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