Should the AP really have fired a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer?

The Associated Press fired a photographer who violated AP’s ethical standards by altering a photo he took while covering the war in Syria in 2013. The photographer, Narciso Contreras, shared in a Pulitzer last year for images of the Syrian war. “Is the original image any less representative of the Syrian civil war?“ asks Adam Weinstein. “It’s neither more or less true, but it contains additional facts. It tells us that the rebel is not alone. It’s messy.”

  1. “Disagree with Adam Weinstein’s take here. You have to expect to be fired for composite photo use in photojournalism,” tweets Gavin Aronsen (@garonsen)
  2. Firing of AP freelance photographer highlights perils in altering images
  3. “The lack of regard for attribution, proper compensation to photojournalists is a huge problem,” tweets Anthony DeRosa (@AntDeRosa) about a story on two teenagers who run the popular @HistoryInPics