Ailes’ departure could lead to a younger future for Fox News

“[Roger] Ailes was clearly the right person to make Fox News what it is today,” Felix Salmon writes, “but he was never quite as convincing in the role of the man who could successfully navigate its transition to new realities, let alone reach a younger audience that increasingly doesn’t watch television at all. Indeed, while he certainly didn’t leave on the kind of terms that he or his bosses would ever have wanted or anticipated, it’s quite likely that his Murdoch bosses are feeling quite positive right now about what an Ailes-free Fox News might look like.”

+ Ken Doctor echoes the idea that a reimagined Fox News may be on the way: “There’s no doubt that cable will experience a significant audience drop-off from this year’s Trump high. As the Republican Party likely searches for its future, the Murdoch scions may well — unexpectedly — have been forced to reimagine the Fox News that Roger Ailes built” (Politico Media)