Advertisers aren’t ready to replace pageviews with attention measures

As some publishers — including The Economist, the Financial Times, Upworthy and Medium — are pushing for ads to be measured based on time spent with them, Lucia Moses takes a look at some concerns from ad buyers. “The biggest limitation for advertisers is that, despite the fact that these metrics make intuitive sense for brand campaigns, it’s hard at this point to connect them to business results,” said Eric Franchi, co-founder of ad network Undertone. “As much as we hate the click as a metric, one of the advantages of it is that you can make that connection.” Another issue is the assumption that more time is necessarily better for all advertisers, writes Moses. For some, five seconds might be enough to get the message across.

+ Politico is a “post-traffic” publication: The metrics that draw the most attention among managers are “traffic from influentials, newsletter sign-ups and open rates, subscriber numbers and usage frequency and the social sharing of our best work among elite readers” (Washington Post)

+ “Advocacy” is not a dirty word in journalism (PBS MediaShift)