What video lengths on Facebook get the highest levels of engagement?

NewsWhip analyzed videos from 11 publishers with some of the most video shares in January 2017, looking at their overall engagement (likes, shares, comments, reactions). Here’s what they found: The average length of these publishers’ most engaging videos (without counting livestreams) are now over a minute long, and many of these publishers’ most engaging videos covered hard news or politics in a format easy for mobile viewing (i.e. the video included captions or wasn’t oriented horizontally). The average length has increased since a similar study in 2015, perhaps influenced by the introduction of Facebook Live and Facebook’s focus on longer videos.

+ Related news on video: A new study by the Consumer Technology Association finds that consumers are watching more video than ever, but they’re not watching it on TV: Video viewership increased by 30 percent over the last five years, but half of all video viewing is being done on devices other than a television (Axios); Facebook rushed the roll-out of Facebook Live and failed to prepare for how to moderate violent content (Wall Street Journal)