The Pyramid of Journalism Competence: What journalists need to know

Roy Peter Clark examines the updated Pyramid of Competence, which was first created in the late 1990s, energized by a call to action from our executive director Tom Rosenstiel, who was one of the leaders of the Committee of Concerned Journalists at the time. Aggregation, curation, numeracy, data visualization have been added to core competencies like news judgment, reporting and evidence, analysis and interpretation. A single journalist does not need to possess all of these competencies but should “be able to converse with colleagues in these areas across disciplines and ‘without an accent,’“ writes Clark. “Competence is not a synonym for expertise.”

For reporting using Instagram: Pixifly allows you to search photos by date and location ( and From the designers of, a tool for building beautiful data visualizations (Fast.Co Design)

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