How news organizations are taking advantage of Amazon’s Alexa

News is one of the core features of Amazon’s AI software Alexa, and news organizations are trying to figure out the best ways to use Alexa. So far, there’s two main ways news organizations can use Alexa: Flash Briefings and skills. In Flash Briefings, the user asks Alexa for their Flash Briefing, and Alexa will launch into pre-recorded updates from broadcasters, headlines from the AP, and weather info from AccuWeather. Through the Alexa phone app, users can also choose which updates they want to receive. “Skills” are installed by users, and can include asking Alexa for a specific piece of information — for example, The Washington Post built a skill for its summer Olympics coverage and another for its political coverage.

+ From last week: Publishers can now create audio apps for Amazon’s Alexa(Amazon)