How Storyful uses Slack as an extension of its newswire to deliver content to its clients

Besides using Slack as a communication tool, Storyful is taking advantage of a Slack integration as a way to deliver its content to its clients. The integration allows Storyful’s partners to receive breaking news notifications as an integration in their own Slack. Before, clients were required to log-in to a dashboard to receive Storyful content. Storyful product lead Alexandra Pressland says: “It’s putting content into a really useful pre-made notification format. There’s nothing more that they need to do, because they already have this on their desktops and their mobiles.”

+ More ideas of ways to use Slack in your newsroom: An integration called Howdy can help you run meetings, a Chrome plug-in will help you live blog, it helps keep everyone up-to-date without physical meetings, and it can help journalists stay connected without conferences